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Innovate Or Die Time For Apple? Nope!

All eyes are on Apple today. Here’s what to expect and matters most… [more]

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From Rotten Apple to Candy Apple

It’s long overdue, but finally the market skepticism is turning into optimism for Apple (AAPL) [more]

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Lou Basenese on Fox Biz Mornings With Maria

Talking all things tech, including Twitter (TWTR) earnings [more]


Energous (WATT): Connecting The Dots To Apple (AAPL)

First Bloomberg, now Morgan Stanley is predicting Apple will introduce wireless charging within two years. All the evidence points to a relationship with Energous… [more]


Clearsign (CLIR) – Still An Abundance Of Potential

We don’t believe CLIR will have a problem raising additional capital given the company’s near-term commercial prospects. There’s still an abundance of potential value on the cusp of being realized. Accordingly, shares remain a compelling “Buy” at current levels. [more]


Clearsign (CLIR) Rights Offering Update

Based on the current stock price, I estimate the warrant is worth about $1.20, so the deal is attractive. Accordingly, I plan to fully exercise my rights and will be in touch later this week with more research underpinning my decision. [more]


CLIR: 3 Key Takeaways From My LinkedIn Review

I spent some more time on LinkedIn this morning trying unmask the mystery “industry veteran” Clearsign Combustion (CLIR) hired to run its new Houston sales office. No such luck. However, I did get some more color on the new hire, as well as make three discoveries after reviewing every current employees profile. Regarding the new […] [more]


CLIR Update: Kern County Rejects All Alternatives, No Change To Investment Thesis

Ahead of tonight’s public hearing, the Kern County Planning and Community Development Department (KCP) issued an updated Economic Impact Report, rejecting all proposed alternatives. [more]


Validation: Clearsign Wins “Technology Company Of The Year” Award

While there is no direct economic benefit, the win further validates the technology and increases awareness with blue-chip, potential customers. [more]


Chip Merger Mania: Who’s Next?

Avago Technologies is buying Broadcom Corp. for $37 billion, making it the largest tech acquisition in history. I joined CNBC’s Closing Bell to discuss the implications of the deal and the next companies most likely to be acquired. [more]