Research Services

We provide high-quality, unbiased, and un-compromised investment research-as-a-service for financial professionals and self-directed investors.

Membership Benefits

Our various levels of service provide members with the following benefits:

  • Actionable Investment Ideas
    We exist for the sole purpose of pinpointing the most promising and investable disruptive technology investments. Early. But we’re not selfish. As soon as we uncover a new opportunity – typically once every three to four months – we share it with members and invest in the opportunity, as well.
  • In-Depth Stock Research Reports
    Whenever we initiate coverage on a new opportunity, we provide an in-depth report outlining why we believe the company represents such an attractive opportunity. Remember, we never accept any type of compensation from third parties to provide research coverage. We’re not looking to earn any investment banking fees, either. Thus, our top investment ideas are 100% independent.
  • Ongoing Due Diligence Services
    Our work doesn’t stop when we finally decide to initiate coverage. Far from it. We’re constantly monitoring market, industry and company-specific developments to ensure our investment thesis remains intact. Every step of the way, we communicate our findings with members. Every quarter, we also complete a comprehensive review of each active recommendation, during which time we highlight the one or two companies we believe possess the most short-term (90 days) upside potential.
  • Exclusive Interviews With Management Teams
    Unlike the throngs of modern-day “analysts” that do nothing more than internet research, we refuse to even consider initiating coverage on a company unless we have direct (and ongoing) dialogues with management, as well as key institutional investors. Whenever we speak with executives or other informed parties, we communicate our findings immediately with members.
  • Direct Line Of Communication With Founder
    Got a question, concern, or important insight to share? Members have a direct line of communication with our Founder and Chief Analyst, Louis Basenese.
  • Ability To Submit Custom Research Requests
    If you want a second set of eyes on a disruptive technology opportunity (public or private) that you’re considering, all you have to do is let us know. As long as it fits into our investment strategy – and you can put us in contact with the key players – we’ll put it through our  due diligence process and share our results with you.