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Energous (WATT): Connecting The Dots To Apple (AAPL)

First Bloomberg, now Morgan Stanley is predicting Apple will introduce wireless charging within two years. All the evidence points to a relationship with Energous… [more]


Clearsign (CLIR) – Still An Abundance Of Potential

We don’t believe CLIR will have a problem raising additional capital given the company’s near-term commercial prospects. There’s still an abundance of potential value on the cusp of being realized. Accordingly, shares remain a compelling “Buy” at current levels. [more]


Clearsign (CLIR) Rights Offering Update

Based on the current stock price, I estimate the warrant is worth about $1.20, so the deal is attractive. Accordingly, I plan to fully exercise my rights and will be in touch later this week with more research underpinning my decision. [more]