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What’s Next For Blackberry: Buyout or Bankruptcy?

A turnaround appears in full swing under new CEO, John Chen. Shares are up more than 40% year-to-date. But is it sustainable? Here’s what we had to say on CNBC… [more]

Refuting the Short Attack on Imageware (That I Predicted)

Days ago, I predicted this would happen. And it just did. Here’s why you should think twice before listening to this knucklehead’s advice… [more]


The Most Significant Apple Development No One Is Talking About

Forget about the iPhone 6. We could be at the doorstep of a much more significant development when Apple unveils its latest round of products at today’s big event. [more]

GoPro Top Gun Moment

GoPro Disrupts Modern Warfare

Forget driverless cars as a disruptive technology. Or delivery drones from Google or Amazon. GoPro’s powering an unexpected disruption on the battlefield. [more]

Imageware Short Thesis

4 Silly Things Shorts Will Say About Imageware

Given a 50% run-up in one month’s time, a short attack on Imageware Systems is inevitable. Instead of waiting for it to hit, here are the most likely arguments, including a few downright laughable ones. [more]

Imageware Lands Wal-Mart

Imageware Makes It Official… With Wal-Mart?

Last week, the multi-modal, biometric authentication company announced a definitive agreement with one of the world’s largest retailers. Is it Wal-Mart? Here’s all the evidence… [more]