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Google vs. Amazon: Let The Drone Delivery Wars Begin

Google announced it’s been secretly working on a drone delivery service for the past two years. That puts it in direct competition with Amazon. Or does it? Check out the clip from my appearance on CNBC’s Closing Bell to find out why that might not be the case. [more]


Who You Calling Brain-Dead, Bert?

There’s nothing like having your intelligence questioned on national television. But that’s exactly what happened when I recently shared my views on Apple’s stock on CNBC. What did I say to prompt the zinger from Bert Dohmen of Dohmen Capital Research? Tune in to find out… [more]

Second Sight Bionic Eye

“Bionic Eye” Set to Restore Sight to the Blind

Curing blindness sounds like something reserved for the Bible. But it might not be. Not if the latest technology company to file IPO plans succeeds. It doesn’t get much more disruptive (and cool) than this. [more]

Imageware IWSY

Is Imageware’s Inflection Point (Finally) Upon Us?

During Imageware’s second quarter conference call, management shared definitive proof the business is about to be transformed. It’s not too late to capitalize on the developments. [more]


What to Expect When IWSY Reports Second Quarter Results

Imageware Systems (IWSY), a leader in multi-modal, biometric authentication technologies is scheduled to report results this afternoon. Here’s what to expect… [more]