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Yahoo Mayer

Hot Seat: Innovate Or Die Time For Yahoo’s Mayer

Marissa Mayer’s idea of innovation leaves much to be desired. As you’ll see in a moment, she’s driving the wrong numbers higher. And yes, there’s a direct tie-in to our investment approach. [more]


PCYG Short Attack: Nothing But Myths And A $1 Billion Misunderstanding

It’s like déjà vu all over again, as Yankee legend Yogi Berra liked to say. The latest short attack on PCYG involves an intentional misreading of SEC documents to paint an investment outlook contrary to reality. [more]


[Premium] CLIR’s Field Test With Aera Energy Greenlighted

From time to time, we share some of our premium research. This example demonstrates the depths we go to verify even a single data point for members. [more]


Refuting the Short Attack on Imageware (That I Predicted)

Days ago, I predicted this would happen. And it just did. Here’s why you should think twice before listening to this knucklehead’s advice… [more]


The Most Significant Apple Development No One Is Talking About

Forget about the iPhone 6. We could be at the doorstep of a much more significant development when Apple unveils its latest round of products at today’s big event. [more]

GoPro Top Gun Moment

GoPro Disrupts Modern Warfare

Forget driverless cars as a disruptive technology. Or delivery drones from Google or Amazon. GoPro’s powering an unexpected disruption on the battlefield. [more]