Refuting the Short Attack on Imageware (That I Predicted)

Days ago, I predicted this would happen. And it just did. Here’s why you should think twice before listening to this knucklehead’s advice… [more]


The Most Significant Apple Development No One Is Talking About

Forget about the iPhone 6. We could be at the doorstep of a much more significant development when Apple unveils its latest round of products at today’s big event. [more]

GoPro Top Gun Moment

GoPro Disrupts Modern Warfare

Forget driverless cars as a disruptive technology. Or delivery drones from Google or Amazon. GoPro’s powering an unexpected disruption on the battlefield. [more]

Imageware Short Thesis

4 Silly Things Shorts Will Say About Imageware

Given a 50% run-up in one month’s time, a short attack on Imageware Systems is inevitable. Instead of waiting for it to hit, here are the most likely arguments, including a few downright laughable ones. [more]

Imageware Lands Wal-Mart

Imageware Makes It Official… With Wal-Mart?

Last week, the multi-modal, biometric authentication company announced a definitive agreement with one of the world’s largest retailers. Is it Wal-Mart? Here’s all the evidence… [more]


Google vs. Amazon: Let The Drone Delivery Wars Begin

Google announced it’s been secretly working on a drone delivery service for the past two years. That puts it in direct competition with Amazon. Or does it? Check out the clip from my appearance on CNBC’s Closing Bell to find out why that might not be the case. [more]